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lively beerworks - india pale ale

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lively beerworks grapefruit ipa

Grapefruit IPA

6.5% ALC/VOL

We took our core West-meets- East coast IPA and hit it with a generous dose of grapefruit puree. The resulting beer is a fruity, juicy, slightly sweeter brew that makes the hops shine. Sit back and sip on this great fusion of citrus and IPA, and then maybe try another.

lively beerworks - amber lager

Amber Lager


The Lively Amber Lager is created to be consumed by everyone. The lager has a subtle malt sweetness up front and a crisp finish at the end, creating a beer full of flavor and easy to drink. Keep it Lively!

India Pale Ale

6.5% ALC/VOL

Lively Beerworks IPA is a blend between an east coast and a west coast IPA, which yields an extremely fruit forward aroma with a balanced bitterness. This IPA will deliver a flavor to match any IPA fan’s palate. Keep it Lively!

lively beerworks - india pale ale -2

Mexican Lager

4.8% ALC/VOL

There is nothing like a fresh pour of our Mexican Lager at the beginning or end of a long day - It’s crisp, refreshing, and if you close your eyes you’ll almost hear the waves lapping on the beach. You’ll still be in Oklahoma, though, so you might as well choose an Oklahoma brewed Mexican Lager.

lively beerworks - passion fruit tart

Passion Fruit Tart

5.3% ALC/VOL

This sour ale is brewed with a refreshing kick of passion fruit balanced with a touch of sea salt. Its bright tropical flavors will have you keeping it Lively all year long. 

lively beerworks - passion fruit tart
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Newest Lively Lab Series

Looking for a new man in your life? One that is sweet like Strawberries and mellow like cream. Look no further than your new crush, Mr. Beefcakes! This big ale has been dosed with a heavy amount of strawberry and lactose to give it a refreshing and sweet flavor.


Origin Story

We create passionately crafted beer meant for the gathered enjoyment of community.

Lively Beerworks is a Brewery that came from a love of beer and a love for our Community. Our founder, Patrick Lively, was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and after working in Politics and Teaching, he spent nine years working in the Beer Industry before branching out on his own. He partnered with a team of people with decades of cumulative experience in the Industry, and Lively Beerworks was born! Our goal is to make drinkable beer you will love, in a friendly space that feels like home. Keep it Lively!

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Hours of Operations

Sunday - Thursday
11 AM-10 PM

Friday and Saturday
11 AM-11 PM

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